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† equal contribution
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16.  All-tissue-like multifunctional optoelectronic mesh for deep-brain modulation and mapping

J.M. Lee†, D. Lin†, H.-R. Kim, Y.-W. Pyo, G. Hong*, C. M. Lieber*, and H.-G. Park*, Nano Letters 2021 ASAP


15.  Nanoenabled direct contact interfacing of syringe-injectable mesh electronics

J.M. Lee†, G. Hong†, D. Lin†, T.G. Schuhmann, A.T. Sullivan, R.D. Viveros, H.-G. Park and C.M. Lieber*, Nano Letters 19, 5818-5826 (2019). 



14.  Fast galvanic lithium corrosion involving a Kirkendall-type mechanism

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, Y. Li, Y. Li, A. Pei, J. Xie, W. Huang, and Y. Cui*, Nature Chemistry 11 (4), 382 (2019)





13.  A Silica‐aerogel‐reinforced composite polymer electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and high modulus

D. Lin, P. Y. Yuen, Y. Liu, W. Liu, N. Liu, R. Dauskardt and Y. Cui*, Advanced Materials 30 (32), 1802661 (2018)



12.  Reviving the lithium metal anode for high-energy batteries

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, and Y. Cui*, Nature Nanotechnology 12 (3), 194–206 (2017)






11.  Three-dimensional stable lithium metal anode with nanoscale lithium islands embedded in ionically conductive solid matrix

D. Lin, J. Zhao, J. Sun, H. Yao, Y. Liu, K. Yan, Y. Cui*, PNAS 114 (18), 4613-4618 (2017)



10.  Conformal lithium fluoride protection layer on three-dimensional lithium by nonhazardous gaseous reagent freon

D. Lin, Y. Liu, W. Chen, G. Zhou, K. Liu, B. Dunn, and Y. Cui*, Nano Letters 17 (6), 3731–3737 (2017)


9.    Nanoscale perspective: Materials designs and understandings in lithium metal anodes

D. Lin, Y. Liu, A. Pei, and Y. Cui*, Nano Research 10 (12), 4003–4026 (2017)

8.    Layered reduced graphene oxide with nanoscale interlayer gaps as a stable host for lithium metal anodes

D. Lin†, Y. Liu†, Z. Liang, H-W Lee, J. Sun, H. Wang, K. Yan, J. Xie, Y. Cui*, Nature Nanotechnology 11 (7), 626-632 (2016)





7.    Lithium-coated polymeric matrix as a minimum volume-change and dendrite-free lithium metal anode

Y. Liu†, D. Lin†, Z. Liang, J. Zhao, K. Yan, Y. Cui*, Nature Communications 7, 10992 (2016) 




6.    All-integrated bifunctional separator for Li dendrite detection via novel solution synthesis of a thermostable polyimide separator

D. Lin, D Zhuo, Y Liu, and Y Cui*, JACS 138 (34), 11044-11050 (2016)



5.    High ionic conductivity of composite solid polymer electrolyte via in situ synthesis of monodispersed SiO2 nanospheres in poly(ethylene oxide)

D. Lin, W. Liu, Y. Liu, H.R. Lee, P.C. Hsu, K. Liu, Y. Cui*, Nano Letters 16 (1), 459-465 (2016)

4.    Stabilizing lithium metal anodes by uniform Li-ion flux distribution in nanochannel confinement

W. Liu†, D. Lin†, A. Pei†, and Y. Cui*, JACS 138 (47), 15443–15450 (2016)

3.    A high tap density secondary silicon particle anode fabricated by scalable mechanical pressing for lithium-ion batteries

D. Lin, Z. Lu, P.C. Hsu, H.R. Lee, N. Liu, J. Zhao, H. Wang, C. Liu, Y. Cui*, Energy & Environment Science 8 (8), 2371-2376 (2015)

2.    [010] uniaxial-anisotropy induced asymmetry of magnetic reversal in (Ga,Mn) As

D.C. Lin, G.Y. Bi, F. Li, C. Song*, Y.Y. Wang, B. Cui, G.Y. Wang, F. Pan*, Journal of Applied Physics 113 (4), 043906 (2013)

1.    Giant coercivity in perpendicularly magnetized cobalt monolayer

D.C. Lin, C. Song*, B. Cui, Y.Y. Wang, G.Y. Wang, F. Pan*, Applied Physics Letters 101 (11), 112405 (2012)

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