Dingchang Lin

Incoming Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Harvard University

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Recent publication highlights


OPTIM: an all-tissue-like mesh optrode for electrophysiology and optogenetics

The development of a multifunctional device that achieves optogenetic neuromodulation and extracellular neural mapping is crucial for understanding neural circuits and treating brain disorders. Although various devices have been explored for this purpose, it is challenging to develop biocompatible optogenetic devices that can seamlessly interface with the brain. Herein, we present an OPtoelectronic Tissue-like Injectable Mesh (OPTIM) device with a compact interface that enables not only high spatial and temporal resolutions of optical stimulation but also the sampling of optically evoked neural activities. This multifunctional device can aid the chronic modulation of neural circuits and behavior studies for developing biological and therapeutic applications.

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